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March 31 2004: We became an Academy of Sun Microsystems! Besides the CNAP (Cisco Networking Academy Program) courses now we offer new advanced and intermediate training paths for Java, SunOS and other Sun Microsystems products.

March 30 2004: New class opened: CCNA, Semester I. Start date: 18.04.2004 18:00h. Registration deadline: 25.04.2004.

February 17 2004: Our academy and the Vice-Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Nikolay Vasilev, bestowed 9 personal computers and course completion certificates to people with disabilities. The event laid the foundations of the next step in our initiative towards these people.

February 13 2004: Two new groups are about to get launched: CCNA Semester I and UNIX Fundamentals. Refer to our schedule for more information.

January 31 2004: Our Academy is proud to announce the success of Ivan Sivkov - he became the first instructor in Bulgaria who is certified to teach the FWL (Fundamentals of Wireless LANs) course. If you are willing to subscribe for training, please contact us by e-mail.

January 30 2004: New class opened for registration: CCNA, Semester I. Start date: 13.02.2004 18:30h. Visit our schedule manager for more information.

December 14 2003: Our Academy launches a "Student of the Month" competition which will be organized on regular basis. If you are interested, refer to your instructor for more information about the criteria.
New promotion is available to our students! You receive 10% discount for each student you convince to register for training at our academy.

December 13 2003: We are pleased to announce a new offer to our students who have completed one or more CCNA v2.1.4 semesters. A so called Bridge Course is available for each semester and takes 35 hours, spanning only the new material introduced in CCNA v3.0. As you may already know, we migrated our CCNA courses and curricula to v3.0 which is the latest official version covering the material for both INTRO and ICND exams, currently required for CCNA certification and recertification. Contact us at instructors[] (replace the square brackets with '@') for registration or more information.

November 24 2003: Regional Cisco Networking Academy "Future 21st Century Foundation" was awarded again with the Best Project 2003 prize, this time on international stage in Johanesburg, where the annual EMEA meeting was held. Bulgaria was also presented by Jordan Katcarov who won the Best Student 2003 award despite his age of only 15 years. Competitors numbered more than 3200 academies in all in the region, which places great value on our achievements. Photos available here.

June 15 2003: Check out some photos from the Annual Cisco Networking Academy Awards ceremony, where Regional Cisco Networking Academy "Future 21st Century Foundation" was presented with two tropheys - both for "Best Project". Photos are available here.

May 26 2003: Get ready for the Annual Cisco Networking Academy Awards ceremony, which will take place at the Annual Cisco Networking Academy Meeting on June 4th, Wednesday, at 16:00, Central Military Club, 7 "Tzar Osvoboditel" Blvd. More information is available at Vote for your favourite Cisco Networking Academy and Instructor!

Apr 11 2003: New Cisco Certified Network Associate certification preparation, Unix Fundamentals and Java Fundamentals courses are available in April. Course schedules and information is available here.

Apr 9 2003: Participate in the new release of Information Technology Days in Plovdiv, featuring Future 21st Century Foundation, Microsoft - Bulgaria (, BSH ( and Technical University - Sofia, Branch Plovdiv ( A schedule of event is available.

Apr 8 2003: Slides from presentation "Aggregation of Resources in Heterogenous Networks" by Milen Nickolov are available for download here (.zip format 1,05MB). The presentation took place as a part of the celebration of 58 years telecommunications engineering and education at the Technical University - Sofia. An online version also availabe (warning: flash slides are up to 60kb in size, so it might take some time before the slide is displayed).

Apr 6 2003: Photos from the celebration of 58 years of telecommunications engineering and education in Bulgaria are available.

Apr 1 2003: Join us for the celebration of 58 years of telecommunications engineering and education in Bulgaria. Participate in open discussions with the representatives of worlds top-telecommunication giants - Siemens Information and Communication, Ericsson Telecommunications Bulgaria, Cisco Systems and many others. Review and find out more in the event schedule.

Mar 19 2003: Win a FREE semester by answering all the questions from our month game, broadcasted live at Eurocom - Bulgaria "Gamery Show" TV show. Watch Regional Academy instructors asking questions every Saturday 14:00 GMT+01. Don't miss the show! If you've missed it, you can catch up with all the new questions, and the answers HERE.

Feb 11 2003: New Regional Cisco Networking Academy - Plovdiv website has been launched with beta functionality. If you have bugs/typos to report, please do so at webmaster [at] cacad [dot] com.

Feb 8 2003: Information about the recent IT Career Day is available in the news section of our website, along with some documentary photos. If you would like to see Cisco Certified Internetworking Experts (CCIE) in action, click here.

Feb 8 2003: IT Career Day took place at the House of Science and Technology in Plovdiv with the participation of the Cisco Certified Internetworking Experts - Boyan Krosnov and Delyan Delchev [photo1] from LirexBG [Cisco Systems Gold Partner, ISP and Systems Integrator]. Approaches to system and corporate security were presented by the guest CCIE lecturers [photo2]. "Future 21st Century Foundation" Cisco Networking Academy students had the opportunity to ask questions and participate in an open discussion with the internetworking experts [photo3]. A live TV show at "Eurocom - Bulgaria" cable channel preceded the event [photo4]. Employers were invited to meet Academy students and to discuss different IT career opportunities [photo5].

Jan 22 2003: Beginning with the release of CCNA 4 Version 2.13, qualification rules for CCNA Certification Vouchers have changed. Existing voucher qualification rules will remain unchanged for Curriculum Versions 2.12 and earlier.

In Curriculum Versions 2.12 and earlier, voucher qualification is based on final exam performance in each of the four CCNA classes. However, for Curriculum Versions 2.13 and beyond, voucher qualification is based on a single exam that is designed to review content covered on the CCNA Certification Exam. This exam is included as an optional part of CCNA 4. Three different forms of the CCNA 4 Chapter 9 exam are available to both the Instructor and Student Communities.

Students will be permitted to take each form of the exam once to qualify for the discount voucher. If a Student does not achieve a rating of Proficient on the first form, they can attempt to qualify by taking the second form, etc. As each form can only be taken one time, no exam deletions will be permitted. After a Student has qualified for the discount voucher, no other form of the exam will need to be activated for the Student. As is currently the rule, only one voucher will be given per Student. All other rules associated with voucher qualification remain the same.

Dec 15 2002: A transition to the latest 2.14 version of CCNA curriculum is being conducted. All 2.13 classes had been migrated to the newer version, as the Academy Connection launches.


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